• Consignment is 6 weeks, 50/50 split, no fee.


  • All prices are set by management, however if you have a price request on a select item it must be mentioned at drop off.


  • A small buyer item fee will be added on top of contracted price and will be retained by the shop to cover expenses.


  • All items will be marked down 20% after 4 weeks. Items may not be picked up early to avoid the sale price.


  • Items will be quickly reviewed at your appointment, but final determination of acceptance will be made during pricing, which will be a few days later.


  • Any items not accepted must be picked up no more than a week after notification of pricing or they will be donated.


  • Consignor is responsible for keeping track of their own expiration dates.  No notice will be given. Consignor will not receive credit for any item sold after their expiration date.


  • If you want to claim unsold items, you must notify Once & Again on or before your expiration date.  We will pull them from the sales floor and hold them for up to a week in storage.  If unclaimed, they will be donated or returned to the floor.


  • Any items not claimed will become the property of Once & Again.


  • Once & Again offers layaway to its customers. The term is 30 days from day of purchase.  Consignor will be paid when item is paid in full, even if it is after the expiration date of the item.  If for some reason the item is not picked up in a timely matter, the consignor will be notified and the item will either be re-consigned or returned to the consignor.  Any money left on deposit will be retained by Once & Again.


  • If consigned item is holiday related, Once & Again has the right to place item on clearance (50% off) on or right after the holiday.






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We are currently accepting summer items.  We will begin with fall August 1.




Please limit your consignments to 25 items ONLY.  Thank you for your consideration. 


Open Wednesday nights until 7pm.




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